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Public transport accident

As a paying customer on public transport, you expect to be safe. But accidents can, and do, happen. Sometimes they’re caused by the public transport company themselves – perhaps by failing to follow the health and safety rules. Other times, they’re caused by another vehicle or driver.

Either way, if you’ve suffered a public transport injury – and it wasn’t your fault – you may be entitled to compensation. And our team of experienced solicitors are here to help.

We can assist in putting together a successful public transport accident claim, securing financial justice for both the injury itself, as well as the subsequent impact it’s had on your life. To take the first step and discuss your case with our experts, give us a call on 0800 110 5888.

Why choose us to claim for your public transport injury?

We’ve worked in this area for many years. Therefore, we understand how unfair and devasting a public transport accident can be. First and foremost, there’s the pain and discomfort of the physical injury itself. But there’s also the shock of being hurt suddenly – in an environment you believed to be safe – and the potential financial repercussions of not being able to work and earn a living.

You’re bound to be going through a tough time. Which is why, we aim to make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible. Having advised on your eligibility, we can take care of the full public transport injury claim on your behalf – dealing with the legal side of things, whilst you focus on your recovery. And all of our work will be done on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Public transport injuries can vary greatly; some being minor and temporary, others life-changing and permanent. But whatever the severity of your injury, we can help. We have a team of specialist road traffic accident solicitors at our disposal – as well as experienced barristers, insurers, and medics. And, as such, can assist with a diverse range of public transport accidents, including:

  • accidents on buses
  • accidents on the train or tube
  • accidents in taxis
  • accidents on ferries and boats

By applying our knowledge, whatever the nature of the accident or injury, we can secure the outcome you so rightly deserve.

How to start a public transport accident claim

Starting a legal claim can be intimidating, especially if you’re already struggling to cope with your injury. But that’s why we’re here – to lend a helping hand.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling, all you need to do is get in touch. We’ll ask a few questions about your public transport accident, including the injury sustained and its effect on your life. And once we know the circumstances, we can advise on your eligibility to claim and explain the next steps.

You won’t be under any pressure to proceed. Of course, that’s your decision. But if you do wish to go ahead, we can then begin the process for you – submitting your transportation claim, taking care of all the necessary paperwork, and seeking adequate financial compensation on your behalf.

For a free consultation, simply call 0800 110 5888. Or if you have a general question about public transport accident claims and would like to find out more, fill out our online contact form and we’ll respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.


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