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When it comes to sepsis, the key is to act fast.

The condition needs to be diagnosed and treated within an hour of the first symptoms being detected. And if it isn’t, the consequences can be devastating. Perhaps your doctor believed you had a different condition? Maybe the correct tests were not carried out to make an accurate diagnosis?

Whatever the circumstances – if you, or a loved one, have suffered due to a medical mistake regarding sepsis, it’s worth getting in touch. You could be entitled to make a sepsis negligence claim and, as leading medical negligence solicitors, we can help to win the compensation you deserve.

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Sepsis compensation claims made easy

Sepsis (i.e. septicaemia) is a potentially life-threatening condition, that can lead to multiple organ failure and death. But if it’s treated quickly enough – typically within the first hour of symptoms – you have a much better chance of survival and any long-term consequences can be minimised.

That’s why sepsis negligence can be incredibly distressing. If the condition was misdiagnosed and not picked up at the earliest opportunity, it’s understandable to feel angry and upset. Your life is likely to be a lot different now. You may be in pain or suffering from post-sepsis syndrome. Recovery can be slow. And it may be impossible for you to work and earn a living.

You’ve certainly been through a tough time and the thought of starting a legal case can be daunting. However, that’s why we’re here. Our sepsis negligence solicitors can oversee the entire claims process on your behalf. From advising on your eligibility to negotiating a fair settlement, we’ll take care of everything – leaving you to focus on getting back to normal. Or, at least, as normal as possible.

Compensation may be the last thing on your mind. But it can make a huge difference, allowing you to access the expert care and rehabilitation that you require, or supporting you financially following the sudden death of your loved one. And as specialists in this area, we can look after the legal side of things for you, simplifying the claims process and maximising your chances of success.


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Help for all cases of sepsis negligence

Severe sepsis complications can arise due to a range of medical mistakes, including:

  • misdiagnosis and subsequent incorrect treatment
  • delayed diagnosis (e.g. due to waiting times at the hospital)
  • test mistakes, whereby the wrong tests were carried out
  • medication mistakes, whereby the wrong medication is administered

The long-term effects can also vary in severity, from post-sepsis fatigue and muscle pains to organ dysfunction and fatality. But whatever the circumstances – if the condition was made worse by the negligence of the medical staff, you should be entitled to sepsis compensation. And we can help.

Aside from having an in-house team of specialist sepsis negligence solicitors, we also have a network of consultant insurers, barristers, and medics at our disposal – who are all highly trained and experienced in this area. Providing the illness occurred in the last three years, we should be able to assist with your claim and will do everything we can to achieve the best possible outcome.

Interested in making a sepsis compensation claim?

The first step is to get in touch with our team. You can call us at any time on 0800 110 5888. Or if you would like to arrange a free no-obligation consultation, simply fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Once we know a bit more about your sepsis negligence case, and the greater impact it’s had on you and your family, we can advise on your eligibility to make a claim and the likelihood of that claim being successful. There’s no pressure. Just because you’ve had a consultation, doesn’t mean you have to go ahead. But if you do wish to proceed, we can oversee legal proceedings on your behalf.

We don’t believe that, as a victim of medical negligence, you should burden the financial risk of seeking justice. Which is why, we manage all sepsis claims on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. And with an extensive record of success, you can rely on us to secure your rightful level of compensation.