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Injury Lawyers Direct is a company dedicated to providing an honest and informative service to injured claimants at no cost to them.

We do not make any charges to the claimant. All fees are recovered from the people responsible for the accident.

Our expertise enables us to tell you whether you have a claim or not and advise you as to how long it may take and how much damages you can expect.

Click here to start a claim today or call us now on 0800 316 3595 and speak to one of our Compensation claim specialists immediately.

Beware non-lawyer sites that sell on your claim to anyone who will pay for them. If the lawyer needs to buy in work it probably is because he has no other work to do. Ask yourself why!

Injury Lawyers Direct have repeat work from clients because we give a quality service. You can apply online or by telephone 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The line is manned at all times by a qualified experienced lawyer who will speak with you politely and with some knowledge of what you are talking about. Call centers cannot do this.

Also we arrange home visits all over England and Wales to give one to one personal advice, for those who prefer this, at NO CHARGE. Again this will be a qualified experienced lawyer, not a claims investigator.

Injury Lawyers Direct will not pay referral fees to anyone - we don't have to!

All that we offer is good solid advice at no charge and a quality service through your claim. Ask others "are you going to deal with my claim or will it be another organisation?" The chances are that your claim will be getting sold on to someone who may be the worst firm of solicitors in the world. Think again.

If you call and just want to talk there is no "hard sell". If you want time to think, just take all that you want.


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