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If you are injured by somebody committing a criminal act, for example if you are deliberately knocked over by a car, or if you are assaulted by somebody in the street, you may be entitled to claim Criminal Injuries Compensation.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a non-profit organisation set up by the Government to compensate victims of criminal acts.  The criteria for qualifying for compensation is very strict and there is a two year time limit from the date of the injury to make your claim. 

Awards are decided on a tariff and the CICA stick to this tariff very closely when awarding compensation.

One of the main criteria for qualifying for compensation is that you report the criminal act and your resulting injury to the Police and obtain a Police Crime Reference.  This should be done as soon as possible after the incident and you should always make a note of the Crime Reference Number.  

If you do not report the matter, on the whole, you may not claim compensation.  If you have a criminal record this will either, reduce your ability to claim by way of a percentage reduction depending upon the nature and the number of convictions that you have, or may entirely wipe out your entitlement to compensation.  Similarly, if the incident which has given rise to your injury is one in which you participated, for instance if you were involved in a bar brawl, and you are equally to blame for the incident as your assailant, then again this may result in you  not being able to claim compensation from the CICA.

The rules of the CICA Scheme are complicated.  We are usually able to obtain a very good award for you when you qualify for compensation by ensuring that the Scheme tariff is adhered to, and that you are compensated for every relevant injury which fits within the tariff. 

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